The Process

Who, What, Where , When, Why and HOW MUCH!

Building a home can be a stressful and confusing time, at CCH we are here to help you walk through the process and understand the timeline how the steps to make your dream home become a reality.

Step 1 -- On the Hunt

Finding the right piece of property may seem like the easiest step, however this is the stepping stone of how the custom home will be achieved. At CCH, we will walk property with you, refer a Realtor and give you analysis of the property challenges.

  • Flat Property vs. Hillside
  • Existing Water & Sewer vs. Non-existing
  • Existing Power vs. Non-existing

Step 2 -- On your mark, get set...DRAW

We can refer you to an Architect or Draftsman to get blueprint of your home on paper. At CCH, we will help you walk through your wants and needs based on the "lay of land." Giving you the "Design Cost" factor for your specific piece of property to make sure your home will fit your property. Remember, you can't put a square peg in  circular hole!

Step 3 -- Throw on Another Stake...

Let the fun begin. Staking out the home give the general placement of the home on the property.

  • Apply for Permits
  • Plan Review Stage
  • Finishes with Designers
  • Walk your homesite

Step 4 -- Dirt Works

Excavation begins with the dirt. If blasting is necessary, it would be completed during this phase.

  • Infrastructure Begins including Water/Sewer
  • Construction Pad is completed
  • Roads & Driveways constructed

Step 5 -- Ready, Set, Pour!

Construction has started! At this stage the blueprint of your home will start to take shape.
  • Foundation begins
  • Concrete is poured
  • Your floor plan is laid out

Step 6 -- It all starts with a great Foundation

The foundation of the home starts to take shape and with it comes unique ideas and features including In-Floor Heating. Concrete slabs are completed and make way for the next phase.

Step 7 -- The Frame Game

At this stage, there is a LOT of wood being thrown! Framing has begun, your custom home will begin to take shape just as you dreamed it. Positioning of beams, doors and windows take shape overnight. 

Step 8 -- Getting to the Guts

Let the games begin! So much happens with multiple contractors at this stage, however  CCH is there to manage and coordinate.

  • Windows Installed
  • Plumbing Rough-Ins
  • Roofing Installed
  • HVAC Rough -Ins
  • Electrical is Run
  • Insulation Begins

Step 9 -- Walls, you don't say!

Take a step back and watch a major transformation. At this stage, your dream house really comes together and begins to breath.

  • Drywall Installed
  • Texture & Paint
  • Exterior Siding Installed
  • Decks or Patios Built & Handrails Installed
  • Stone Masonry

Step 10 -- Tic Tac Tile!

Closer and Closer the CCH crew is getting to the finished custom home of your dreams. Tile is installed, trim is hung, cabinets are placed in the kitchen and bathrooms.  

Step 11 -- Now for the Finishing Touches!

The day has arrived for finishing touches! Carpets are laid, shower doors installed, mirrors hung and landscape finished.

Welcome Home